How to Draw Black Star from Soul Eater




We’ve got another sweet Soul Eater tutorial today requested by Warking Jr, Black Star. Black Star is that ego maniac from the Soul Eater manga, who, when he isn’t handing out autographs to people that didn’t ask for them, is busy as an assassin. With massive powers and keen ability, Black Star is one of the strongest members of Spartoi, the elite student unit of assassins. Black Star is a pretty easy tutorial and is recommended for mangakas of all abilities, including beginners. At the end of today’s tutorial we’ll be doing some shading so it might be a good idea to have a grey marker handy in addition to your pencil, eraser and finishing pen. If there are any characters you’d like to learn how to draw, just click on the request tutorial button at the top of the page. Also, check out our other Soul Eater drawing tutorials by clicking on the Soul Eater tag in the tag cloud at the right. Let’s get our materials ready and learn how to draw Black Star.


Step 1

Step 01: All of the blue lines you see in the tutorial are only construction lines and will be erased later on, so don’t press too hard on your pencil. Our final lines will be in black towards the end of this tutorial.

Let’s start with our head circle and center line. In the lower center of our paper we’ll draw a fairly large circle, we do need to leave enough room for Black Star’s spiky hair ^_^. As it can be hard to draw a circle free hand it might be a good idea to go around very lightly a few times with your pencil to get a circle outline and then draw your head circle on top. Next, we’ll draw our center line.

Due to the way Black Star has his head turned, our center line is a little curved. We’ll start in the center of the head circle at the top, then our center lines moves down to the right slightly and then extends straight down after touching the head circle at the bottom.

Step 2

Step 02: Next, we’ll work on the eye line and the jaw lines. The eye line is quite low on the head circle and although it is straight, it is tilted up slightly so that’s it’s higher on the head circle on the right than on the left. Once you’ve got the eye line, we’ll draw the jaw starting on the left where the eye line touches the head circle. We’ll draw a softly curving line down to near the bottom of the center line. Then, from there we’ll draw a more “s” shaped line back up to the head circle on the right. But we should note that the jaw line touches the head circle on the right above the eye line. If you think Black Star’s chin is too pointy, take a minute to round it out now.

Step 3

Step 03: A few features to do in this step, plus we get to start Star’s hair! Let’s begin with the ears and facial features first. Because of the way Black Star is turning his head, the ear on the right is partially hidden from us and smaller than on the left (our size and squashing 3D principles). So, for the ears we need to draw a “C” shape on either side of the head. The ear on the left starts where the jaw line meets the head circle and looks like it is completely on the jaw line. While, the ear on the right starts on the head circle and stops on the jaw line. It is also wider and bigger. Once you’ve got his ears done, we’ll draw the two sharp diagonal slashes over the eye line on either side of the face for the eyebrows. The eyebrow on the right will be longer and overlap the eye line . Then, we’ll add the small “U” shape for his nose just above where the center line meets the bottom of the head circle. Now for the hair. We’ll begin with two major hair spikes. Starting on the right side of the head just above the ear, begin the hair spike, and be sure to make it very tall on top. Once you have the major, center spike then start the second spike on the top of the head and it should stop just above the ear on the right.

Step 4

Step 04: Let’s take this step from top to bottom beginning with the extra two small hair spikes in the hair. We need to draw two small “^” shapes on either side of the head in the middle of either hair spike. Moving down to the eye line, let’s draw the eyes. We should draw two horizontal ellipses, longer than tall, on the eye line just below the eyebrows. In fact, they look a bit like rectangles with the edges rounded off. Then we should do some detailing to the eye lines a bit. You’ll notice there’s a small line, longer on the right than left, coming off of each eyebrow for his upper lid. Also, we’ve made the eyebrow on the right look a bit more like a checkmark, while to the end of the eyebrow on the left we’ve added the irregular shape you see above. Before finishing up this step, we need to draw the top of Black Star’s collar. We can do this by drawing “<“”>” shapes that meet in a point on the jaw line on the right. Each shape starts on either side of the head at the ear.

Step 5

Step 05: Great work so far, everyone! We need to do some more work to Black Star’s hair and face here. Let’s start with the hair. We’ll begin by drawing the one hair spike on the left and the one on the right that are just at the ears and connect to the major hair spikes we drew in the previous steps. There’s also a slightly smaller spike just at the bottom of the ear on the right, don’t forget to include it ^_^. Next, on the left and the right, there’s a small irregular hair shape that overlaps the very corner of the ear on the left and nearly half the ear on the right. Between these two shapes and across the forehead in an arch, we have to draw the zig zag line for the bangs to his hair. Once you’ve got his hair done, let’s draw the check mark shape for his mouth just above the collar of his coat. And then, we’ll finish up this step by drawing the lines curving down and inward from the outer points of the coat collar. When you’ve got all that, we’ll move on.

Step 6

Step 06: Let’s zoom in for the details to the eyes and ears. We’ll go from left to right in this step starting with the ear on the left. Inside the ear, we need to draw a “^” shape in the top part of the ear and then a bent “U” like shape for the inner ear. Inside the eye on the left, in about the middle, we’ll draw a small vertical ellipse (taller than wide) on the eye line and add a small circle inside the half above the eye line. For the eye on the right, we should draw more of a small “U” shape and it’s closer to the center than in the eye on the left. Inside that, we’ll draw the small circle in the upper half of the “U” shape. Lastly, we just have to add the line in the ear on the right that curves upward.

Step 7

Step 07: Sticking with the zoom, we’ll move down a little bit to do the detailing on Black Star’s coat collar. Let’s begin by drawing the soft “S” line connecting the ends of the lines we drew in the previous step for the bottom of his collar. Then, on the collar and below the mouth we’ll draw the three tube like shapes that stretch from the top to the bottom of the collar and are separated by two circle each. So, tube, two circles one on top of the other, tube, two circles and tube should be how it looks when you’re done.

Step 8

Step 08: That’s it for our construction lines, mangakas. So take out your eraser and lighten all of the lines you’ve made so far. Then take out your finishing pen and trace your final lines. There are a couple of spots to keep in mind as you do your tracing. Firstly, you’ll notice that most of the chin and jaw is hidden by the collar (our 3D overlapping principle) so we won’t trace those parts that are hidden. Secondly, the corners of the eyes that are closest to the center line are also left untraced. Once you’ve finished your tracing, use your pen to fill in the “U” shapes inside the eyes leaving the small circles empty and white as reflection spots inside the pupils.

Step 9

Step 09: Once you’re ink dries, just use your eraser to completely erase any remaining construction lines you can still see. We’ve got a pretty good Black Star drawing here, but I’m going to work on line quality a bit and do some shading in the last step.

Step 10

Step 10: Using the same pen as you did to trace, we can thicken some of the lines to make them stand out more and get a better 3D look. I’ve thickened all of the outer lines around the hair and collar. I’ve also improved the lines for the eyes and thickened the eyebrows. Lastly, I’ve thickened the lines for the ears on the left slightly as well as the corners of the mouth.

Step 11

Step 11: In this step, I’ve used a grey marker to shade in the collar except for the area that makes the clasp. It’s not necessary to do this step, but it can help to make the head stand out even more on your paper.

When you’re all done shading, just wait for your ink to dry and take a look, you’ve drawn Black Star from Soul Eater! If your goal is to become a great mangaka make sure to draw Black Star again from memory. Then compare the final drawing with the original and correct any mistakes you might have made. Try once again from memory. This is the best way to build a huge library of shapes that you can use in the future for your own manga characters.

Draw with passion! -_^