How to draw Turtwig Pokemon




Hello mangakas! ^^ ItÂ’s been a long time since we drew a cute pokemon character. So today we will draw the Turtwig – one of the AshÂ’s pokemon he tried to train. Turtwing is a cute little turtle like pokemon made of soil. His shell actually hardens when he drinks water Â… He has a little twig on his head with two green leaves. Did you ever notice that those leaves wilt when he is thirsty? So letÂ’s start, shell we? 


Step 1

We will begin with a large squashed circle for his head. It should be higher than wider. Next for the body we will draw reverse shape circle attached to the previous head circle. 


Step 2

Here comes the famous twig ^^ it’s a little shaped line on the top of the head circle. Draw one “0” like elipse on the right side of the head for his eye. Lets add a curved jaw line which starts on the lower left part of the head circle and closely traces the bottom of the head circle expanding a bit after crossing the body circle. It rounds to the left right under the spot where the body circle is attached to the head circle. We then lead the line closer to the eye circle and twist it at the end.


Step 3

Lets draw the Turtwigs leaves on the twig now. Each leaf is made from two curved arcs. Start from top to draw the line down on the left side and do the same on the right side. The two leavess bottom point is in the middle of the twig. Now draw two short lines for the nostrils on the left inside the head circle. Lets put a smile on Turtwigs face shell we? ^^  With a simple two lines, first one starts a bit to the right under the nostrils touching head circle and goes slightly upwards to the right. The second one starts at the end of the first line and finishes at the end of the jaw line. Now lets add a curved line for Turtwigs shell. The line starts on the jaw line and makes a kind of an unfinished ellipse which ends on the body circle. Next draw the legs by adding barrel shaped like unfinished rectangles at the bottom of the jaw line and one overlapping the body circle.


Step 4

Now lets add more details to the body. First draw jagged line under the top of the head circle. Now add iris “0” like shape inside the eye circle. Next draw one more line for the shell border which traces the shape of the previous shell line. Don’t forget two small lines attached to the second leg the lower one for his fourth leg. Draw also one more leg on the right youching the body line.

Step 5

Almost done! ^^ Lets draw the pupil inside the iris and also one shaped line for the eye reflection. Then draw two curved lines on the shell and jagged lines for each of Turtwigs leg.


Step 6

Now that we’ve got all the construction lines finished we are going to lighten all of them before inking final outlines in black. When using pencil and paper just take your kneedable eraser and stamp it (do not drag) till you lighten all the blue lines so they are barely visible. Now get your finishing pen and trace your it! ^^  Make sure to folow the picture above so you don’t accidentaly trace parts that should stay blue.

Pro tip 1: At first, just get a nice outline. Don’t worry about filling or anything for now. Just do a nice outline and then continue to fill the eyes and the section of the shell with the black. 


Step 7

Once your ink dries, erase all the remaining construction lines completely.

Step 8

If you’re not going to do the coloring then you’re all finished. To colorize Turtwig you’ll need one shade of yellow, two shades of green and one of brown. Color the head and body with lighter shade of green. Now color the leaves with darker green, the eye, jaw and “feets” are all light yellow and the twig and shell are brown.

And here we go! You just drew pretty cute picture of Turtwig! I hope you liked the tutorial and if your goal is to become a great mangaka make sure to draw Turtwig again from memory. Then compare the final drawing with the original and correct any mistakes you might have made. Try once again from memory. This is the best way to build a huge library of shapes that you can use in the future for your own manga characters.

Draw with passion! -_^