How to Draw Mershark from The Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki




Let’s learn how to draw Mershark from Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki today!
Mershark is one of the creature from The Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki, which is an online community dedicated to the Monster Girl Encyclopedia (MGE) franchise, a compendium of knowledge concerning monster girls, commonly referred to as MGs or mamono, created by Japanese artist Kenkou Cross.

Mershark is the shark mermaid, a race of mermaids with the characteristics of sharks. They’re just as ferocious as they look and their entire body is a deadly weapon. This is a rarity for the mermaid family since most of them have a docile disposition. They have excessively keen senses with which they can detect humans, and they can accurately pinpoint the specific location of a man hiding in a ship. Detecting a man’s presence will even cause them to perceive a man’s existence so incredibly strongly that they go wild with lust.

They have sharp fangs and strong jaws and even their “shark skin” has rough scales with the same properties as their fangs. Their fangs contain mamono mana. Once bitten, a man will be robbed of mana and feel like he’s having his mana gouged out and consumed instead of his flesh. Although they are ferocious monsters, they actually also have a timid nature, which becomes strikingly apparent after obtaining a husband. Other than during sex, they treat their husband gently and carefully as if he were a fragile treasure and they will turn their ferocity towards anything which could potentially harm their husband.

Thanks a lot to Kurt Leclevc for request. ^_^

Step 1

As always all the blue and green lines are just construction lines and will be erased later so do not push on your pencil too much ^_^ I will try to be super efficient with the text so will only describe steps that require some explanation.
Make sure to leave enough free space on paper for next steps. You can see how much space you will need from the size of the paper on this picture.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Lighten all the construction lines by “stamping” the kneaded eraser on the paper. Make sure to refer to the picture bellow as you need to ink only some parts of the construction lines.

Step 10

Wait till the ink is nice and dry and erase all the construction lines.

Step 11

To add colors, make sure to sketch the color outlines with the right color or pencil first.

If your goal is to become a real Mangaka and design your own manga characters make sure to try to draw Mershark from memory several times. Always compare the drawing to the original and correct any mistakes you see. Do this till you are happy with the result. It doesn’t have to look exactly the same, don’t sweat the details. The point is that you get the main shapes right and that it looks good. This is the best way to build a huge library of manga shapes in your memory that you can use to draw and design your own manga characters ^_-.

Draw with passion! ^_^
Hiroshi (drawing by Bianchi)