How to draw Nekomata Madararui from Love Pistols




Hi Mangakas, get your drawing pencils fired up as we are all set to draw the heavy seed nekomata Madararui from Love Pistols. Certain people have evolved from animals other than monkeys, and they can sense each other’s animal souls! Let us draw one such animal soul – the fiery Jaguar.

Just a gentle reminder to all of our mangakas out there that all of the blue lines you see in this tutorial are only construction lines and should be drawn lightly in pencil. We’ll be erasing them later on, so please draw the construction lines lightly so that no damage is done to the drawing paper! The final completed lines will be in black as you will be witnessing at the end of the tutorial.

Step 1

 Step 1: You will first start drawing simple shapes. The smallest circle is for the head and then the torso followed by the back end with a bigger circle connected to each other by simple lines.

Step 2

 Step 2: Add some limb lines ending with the paw and the body lines as shown in the picture. The limb lines at the back will be more stretched than the ones at the front.

Step 3

 Step 3: Draw in the thighs and one of the hind legs as shown to form nicely shaped limbs and sketch the long wavy tail overlapping with the other hind leg.  Draw a small leaf shaped figure for the ear on the right because his head should block our ability to see the full ear on the left.

Step 4

 Step 4: Here, you will add detailing to the features of the face by drawing a curvy line for the forehead,  line for the eye with a branched out line for the eyelid, and then the nose and the mouth. The mouth needs to be slightly open and the nose pointed with the face facing downwards.

Step 5

 Step 5: You will now draw out the back end for your jaguar. Make sure the end line shapes out to be the butt part of the jaguars rear.. You will end this step by extending the right fore limb shown into the torso.

Step 6

 Step 6: Let us concentrate on completing the joint of the right hind limb which is stretched because of the jaguarÂ’s posture. Draw the chink style toes on each paw The legs which were completed to form nicely shaped limbs in the previous step.  The tail needs to be drawn out boldly which overlaps with the right stretched leg at the back. 

Step 7

  Step 7: Draw thin dash lines over the body as shown and also a line to define the outline of the jaw.

Step 8

 Step 8: Now trace out your permanent lines using a pen. Be sure to note the areas we don’t trace as they should be hidden from our view such as the tail behind the hind legs. Also, notice how we trace only the outline of the limbs and not the whole construction line we made at the beginning. This step will be completed by shading the end of the tail which is seen behind the right most hind leg.

Step 9

 Step 9: That’s it for our construction lines, mangakas! Now you need to lighten all of the construction lines we’ve made so far using an eraser as shown.

Step 10

 Step 10: Just a few more touch ups and we’re done. Let us do some shading and line quality work here. Once the construction lines have been removed, we can begin with the non-uniform spotting throughout the body and the tail with some dots on the face and some bold dashes on the limbs.

That’s it everyone, job well done! Once the ink dries, you need to erase completely any visible remaining construction lines and take a look at the royal and fiery Jaguar! Then compare the final drawing with the original and correct any mistakes you might have made. Try once again from memory. This is the best way to construct a huge library of shapes and get the required tracing experience that can be used for your own upcoming drawing ventures of the manga characters.

Draw with passion! ^^