How to draw Vi Enforcer from League of Legends




Hello mangakas! Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to draw earlier requested tutorial of “Vi” from League of Legends. This was a great idea of one of our members “Reko221” so hope youÂ’ll be satisfied with HiroshiÂ’s version. You see “Vi” (also known as The Piltover Enforce) is not a Japanese manga style character but it is more like Joe Madureira’s american manga style. To characterize Vi shortly is very easy: bad ass girl growing up on wrong side of the law ^_^. ViÂ’s attitude has dramatically changed when the raid on a mining facility went bad. She had to decide between to following her crew or saving the innocent mine workers from the tunnel. Trying to help these workers she discovered a damaged robotic mining rig which she flexed to her arms. She followed her crew again but only to fight the other criminals. “ItÂ’s a shame. IÂ’ve got two fists but you only have one face” she said once but I would say “ Thank god we are about to draw just the face, the fists would take forever!” ^_^ Ready? Ok..

Step 1

Step 01: Just a reminder to all of our mangakas that all of the blue and green lines you see in this tutorial are only construction lines and will be erased later on, so don’t press too hard on your pencil when drawing these lines. Our final lines you’ll see in black at the end of the tutorial. We’re going to begin with our head circle, center and eye lines. Let’s start by drawing a fairly large head circle in the center of our paper. Please keep some free space on the both sides for ViÂ’s hair and cape..

Pro Tip 1: When drawing your head circle go around a few times very lightly with your pencil to get a nice outline of a circle, as it can be quite hard to draw a circle free hand. Then trace your head circle over the outline you have made. Once you’ve got your head circle, we’ll draw our center and eye lines (blue lines in the image). The center line is vertical and splits the head circle in two. 

Pro Tip 2: Measurements: The eye line is about 1/5 of a head circle up from the bottom of the head circle. The distance of the chin dash from eye horizontal line is about 1/2 of the head circle.

Step 2

Step 02: So here we’ll begin with the jaw line on the left that begins on the intersection of the head circle and the eye line and then curves down to the chin dash on the center line. We’ll do the same thing on the right starting on the intersection of the head circle the eye line and coming down to the chin dash. Next we will draw two eyes which are two arches begining on the eye line close to the intersection of the eye line and the vertical center line. The mouth line is placed in the middle of the chin and head circle and its gently curved.

Step 3

Step 03: In this step we will work more on the eyes. As you can see on the picture each lower eye line starts on the side of the upper eye line, continues on the main eye line and almost closes the yes. We will add eyebrows by drawing two curvy lines above the eyes. Lets start with the hair line on the right that is natural extention of the jaw line below. The second more horizontal line bends to the left crossing the left eyebrow and a corner of the left eye. Let’s add two small lines for nose right under the lower part of the head circle. Top lip is based on a mouth line from previous step and is curved slightly upwards . Draw  two more lines on the each side for the neck.

Step 4

Step 04: Now we draw another hair line which starts on the head line, crosses the corner of the two previous hair lines and stops on the top of the eye on the left. Lets put more details for the eyes .. two big circles inside each eye for pupils and two lines above the upper eye lines for top of the eyelids. Let’s draw “c” shape for the ear on the right. Put small “s” shaped line inside to make the ear more detailed. Here comes the collar: draw the left part of the collar starting on the chin line almost on the same level as the mouth, draw it curving up and then connect another line heading sharply down curving back to the right. The right collar line starts on the right chin line and have more interesting shape. Please try to look at the picture and follow it. This line also connects with the end of the neck line on the right.

Step 5

Step 05: In this step you can see the close up of the eyes and the earrings. Let’s start with a small circle in the center of each eye for pupil followed by another circle on the left upper side for eye reflection. To finish the eyes draw two curved lines on each side of the inner circle marking the area that will be filled with black. Adding some eyelashes we finish our work on the eyes completely. Just draw two lines on top of the left eye and four on the top of the right one.

Let’s work on the ear now by adding some details. Draw the vertical line starting and finishing on the ear’s “s” shape. Then add one more line to connect it with the “s” shape. For earings draw square shape at the top and triangle like shape at the bottom of the ear. There you go! Step 5 is completed! Well done mangakas! ^^

Step 6

Step 06: Lets draw 2 elipses on the each side of the top of the head line. It may be easier if you first draw their center lines . These elipses will later become ViÂ’s goggles. Now draw one more hair line on the right which starts at the point where previus hair line touches the head line, draw it down to touch the ear line. DonÂ’t forget to draw more hair lines at the left side of the face. Add 2 more lines to make the collar more detailed and 3d looking.

Step 7

Step 07: In this step we will focus mostly on Vi’s hair. However lets add the 2 more elipses inside the googles. Notice they are closer to the top of the elipses, this helps to define google’s 3D shape. Add 2 more lines under the main google elipses for soft parts . Now the hair ugh…. Just follow the picture ^^.

Step 8

Step 08: You probably already realised that to draw a good looking manga you have to spend lot of time drawing hair ^_^. So here we come,  adding more grass shaped hair everywhere. Lets finish the googles now. First draw the “c” shape line inside of the left inner circle. Draw same line on the right but this time from outside. Next the goggle’s bridge. Start by drawing the square between 2 goggle elipses we drew before. Then draw the side of the bridge under it to make it look more 3D. Adding the wavy line under the chin for the shadow will make the step 08 complete…

Step 9

Step 09: Good job mangakas! ^_^ That’s it for our construction lines for the moment. So use your kneedable eraser to lighten all of the construction lines that we’ve made so far. Please notice some more jagged lines on the left side of the collar and draw te outline of shade areas in pencil first. Now get your finishing pen and draw your final lines in black. Make sure to refer to the picture as we donÂ’t trace all the blue construction lines and also trace only parts of it.

Step 10

Step 10: Just give your ink a minute to dry and then completely erase any remaining construction lines that you can see. And voila! A cool Vi Enforcer manga character is right in front of you! 

Step 11

Step:11 In this step take your gray marker or pencil and add some more shading. It may be a good idea to draw the outlines of the grey areas in pencil first.

If your goal is to become a great mangaka make sure to draw Vi Piltover Enforcer again from memory. Then compare the final drawing with the original and correct any mistakes you might have made. Try once again from memory and continue this proccess till you are happy with the result. This is the best way to build a huge library of shapes that you can use in the future to design your own manga characters.

Draw with passion! ^_-


Text by Belldandy