How to Draw Iris from Fire Force




Let’s learn how to draw Iris from Fire Force today! Thanks a lot to Duda for request. ^_^
Iris (アイリス, Airisu) is the main heroine of Enen no Shouboutai. She is a nun originating from The Holy Sol Temple, where the prayers are done for most days and the Sun God is worshiped. She works with the Special Fire Force Company 8. Unbeknownst to her, she is the doppelganger of “Amaterasu” and she is the 8th and final pillar. Iris is a young girl of average height with short blonde hair. Her eyes are blue and the figure is a slender yet curvy shape and well-endowed. She tends to cover under her clothes. She wears a habit, which consists of a tunic covered by a scapular, a veil, light sandals, long light gloves, stockings, and a brooch with a cross-like symbol engraved on it. Her outfit also contains what appears to be shoulder guards. Parts of her outfit are coated with blue lines. It signifies her being part of a Special Fire Force. While on the battlefield, she tops her outfit with a neck protector and (sometimes) a gas mask.
Iris has a strong belief in religious faith. She is very courteous to others, but is relatively shy, a caring and kind-hearted person. She is rather private about her feelings and tends to prioritize the security and comfort of others first. She can also be naive or childishly curious. Iris is timid but is motivated by her beliefs in religion. Despite her shyness, she has displayed a dry wit often making snide remarks about some of her teammates. Though somewhat incompetent in a fight, she shows bravery on the battlefield, being able to stand unfazed against an Infernal.

Step 1

As always all the blue and green lines are just construction lines and will be erased later so do not push on your pencil too much ^_^ I will try to be super efficient with the text so will only describe steps that require some explanation.
Make sure to leave enough free space on paper for next steps. You can see how much space you will need from the size of the paper on this picture.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Lighten all the construction lines by “stamping” the kneaded eraser on the paper. Make sure to refer to the picture bellow as you need to ink only some parts of the construction lines.

Step 10

Wait till the ink is nice and dry and erase all the construction lines.

Step 11

To add colors, make sure to sketch the color outlines with the right color or pencil first.

If your goal is to become a real Mangaka and design your own manga characters make sure to try to draw Iris from memory several times. Always compare the drawing to the original and correct any mistakes you see. Do this till you are happy with the result. It doesn’t have to look exactly the same, don’t sweat the details. The point is that you get the main shapes right and that it looks good. This is the best way to build a huge library of manga shapes in your memory that you can use to draw and design your own manga characters ^-^.
Draw with passion! ^_^
Hiroshi (drawing by Bianchi)